I’m an artist, coffee-lover and recovering perfectionist. I’m just here in my little corner of the internet sharing what I love and what I do in my quest to fulfill my dream of just making pretty things all day. While my current focus is on font design and illustrations, I’ve worked in photography, photo retouching and graphic design most of my career. Throw in all the other crazy projects I’ve done over the years, you’ll probably find there’s really no limits to what I’m willing to do to bring to life an idea that inspires me. I believe in doing the best you can wherever you are with whatever you have. I’ll be showing quite a variety of creative adventures on my blog and sharing what I’ve learned about all things art and design. I hope you’ll find your own creative inspiration while you’re here.
When I’m not creating stuff, I’m the wife to a pretty cool and insanely supportive video guy (he’s always on board to help with any of my crazy ideas) and a homeschooling mom of two pretty incredible tweens. You can see my crazy little bunch right here ->
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Family Photo Credit: Adam Russell Photography

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